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Nas Sinks Capital Into Proven, New App for Job-Seekers

New York State of Mind means Silicon Valley investments



    Nas Sinks Capital Into Proven, New App for Job-Seekers
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    Rapper Nas performs in this file photo. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

    Life's a startup -- and then you get returns on your investment.

    That's new the lyric from 1990s hip hop icon Nas, who is an investor in a San Francisco startup that helps people find jobs using their mobile phones, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    The company is called Proven, and is appealing to Nas -- who participated in the company's $1 million seed funding round this summer -- because of its focus on jobs, he told the newspaper.

    Menlo Park investment firm Andreessen Horowitz was Nas's introduction to Proven, the newspaper reported. The firm has also invested $15 million in Web company Rap Genius.

    Nas, born as Nasir Jones, is eager to invest in technology -- he has sunk six figures into the lifestyle publication "Mass Appeal," the newspaper reported.

    Proven is run by a 33-year old first-generation immigrant named Pablo Fuentes, who was briefly homeless after starting the company -- and laying everyone off in 2011, the newspaper reported.

    The company now has 150,000 monthly active users and has had its app downloaded by 500,000 people, the newspaper reported -- and is answering the question, "How do you help people find jobs through their mobile phones?"

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