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Netflix's 'Qwikster' Is a Pot-Smoking Elmo on Twitter



    Netflix's 'Qwikster' Is a Pot-Smoking Elmo on Twitter
    Netflix's new spin off already has a Twitter presence but probably not one the company wants.

    Jason "Qwikster" Castillo loves gangster-themed iOS games, "sparking up," and playing soccer to stave off boredom — which he was about to go do, but as of 23 minutes ago he was just stung by a bee.

    Netflix, please don't buy this Twitter account.

    The account has been gaining followers by the thousands and may actually be worth a little something to Castillo if Netflix wants to secure the handle for its new DVD-by-mail service. That is, if Netflix could actually find a way to buy it.

    From New York Magazine:

    If the account has been abandoned, it could be handed over, but the fact that Jason used it about a month ago could complicate the process. Although selling names is against the official Twitter terms of service, perhaps Jason could trade: Just imagine, unlimited streaming of every Cartoon Network program for life.

    Our vote? Just change the dumb name.

    If you haven't checked him out, see Qwikster on Twitter.

    Via Boing Boing and NY Mag

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