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New SF Police Chief Announcement Coming Soon



    New SF Police Chief Announcement Coming Soon

    San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said Wednesday he is about a week away from announcing his pick for the city's new permanent police chief, and that the  selection will come from the list of candidates given to him by the city's  Police Commission.

    Lee was tasked with selecting the department's top cop in January  after outgoing Mayor Gavin Newsom picked former Chief George Gascon to take  over the position of district attorney for Kamala Harris, who was elected the  state's attorney general.

    In the meantime, Gascon's second-in-command, Jeff Godown, has been  serving as interim chief.

    In early March, the Police Commission submitted three  recommendations for the permanent position to Lee. Neither Lee nor any  commission members have revealed the names of the three candidates being  considered.

    According to the city charter, the mayor can choose one of the  commission's recommendations or reject them all and start the process anew.

    Lee, who spoke with reporters today at an unrelated event in the  city's Mission Terrace neighborhood, said the commission would not need to  start collecting more resumes for a list of new candidates.

    "I will be picking from the list the commission gave me," he said.

    Lee estimated that the announcement of his pick is "about a week  away."

    Whoever is selected could have a short run as police chief.

    The chief serves at the leisure of the mayor, and Lee, who was  selected as interim mayor when Newsom was elected the state's lieutenant  governor, has said he does not plan to enter the November mayoral race. The  new mayor could decide on a new chief as soon as next year.