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Thief Swipes Speed Radar Device Off South Jersey Roadway

Police officials in Northfield, Atlantic County are working to locate a "Speed Shield" they believe was stolen from its location along Cedarbridge Road. (Published Wednesday, July 8, 2015)

Police in South Jersey hope someone knows who stole a one of those signs that tells motorists how fast they are driving. The sign is this case is worth thousands.

Overnight Monday into Tuesday, someone stole a “No Parking” sign from the 2500 block of Cedarbridge Road, near Route 9, in Northfield, said Northfield Police.

The street sign theft was bad enough but attached to the sign pole was a “Speed Shield” device -- worth around $5,500 -- that uses radar to show how fast a motorist is driving while collecting traffic information, said police. The thief took the entire pole, sign and “shield.”

The 17-inch tall, 24-inch wide 20-pound sign has the serial number 15990911030321 and could have a Northfield tag inside, said police.

Anyone with information on the sign’s whereabouts or who knows about the theft is asked to call 609-641-2832 ext. 190 or email