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'Note to God' Creator Out of Coma

He made an app to help people pray and is now is in need of prayer.



    'Note to God' Creator Out of Coma

    A Northern California teenager and creator of the "A Note to God" iPhone app is out of a coma after being hit by a car earlier this month near Sacramento. 

    Allen Wright developed an iPhone application that allows users to send up prayers and his friends and family are now crediting prayer for his improvement. 

    The story of his injury was a dramatic one that had panicked members of his family searching in the dark for their injured loved one. The 18-year-old was walking along a street after midnight on March 13 when he was hit by a car.  He was on the phone at the time and it was only thanks to that interrupted call that friends knew he was in trouble. 

    When family members got to the scene, they told KCRA at first they could only find one of Wright's shoes in the road. Eventually the found Wright sitting on an island in the middle of the roadway, conscious but bleeding from the ears and not talking.

    He was in a coma at Mercy San Juan Hospital since the crash, until Tuesday. His ultimate prognosis is still unknown.

    When his prayer app went live Wright said, "I think that there should be an app so that when you don’t have anyone you can talk to, you can write a note to God."

    Police in Sacramento said they are still looking for the person responsible for Wright's injuries.