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Oakland-Based GoldieBlox Has Super Commercial

$4 million spot bought for Oakland-based toy startup.



    Oakland-Based GoldieBlox Has Super Commercial
    Photo by Paolo Vescia, San Francisco Business Times
    GoldieBlox CEO Debbie Sterling shows off an engineering toy kit that helps girls build a belt drive out of a plastic pegboard, spools and ribbon.

    This time, they paid for the song.

    Oakland toy startup GoldieBlox is back in the headlines, with its 30-second Super Bowl spot Sunday -- and out of the headlines for not using a song without permission.

    The company won a contest held by Intuit and got a $4 million gift: a Super Bowl ad spot, chosen by public vote.

    That's good news for the company -- and better news than the last time GoldieBlox was in the news, when it got in trouble for parodying a Beastie Boys song -- "Girls" -- without the band's permission.

    Introducing Girls to Building with Goldieblox

    [BAY] Introducing Girls to Building with Goldieblox
    Debbie Sterling aims to introduce girls to building by inventing building blocks called "Goldieblox." Vicky Nguyen sits down with Debbie for the details of her Kickstarter project.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012)

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    A video using the song with a Rube Goldberg machine got 8 million views, but also got the company sued, Siliconbeat.com noted.

    Now the company asked permission to use a parody of "Come on Feel the Noize" -- with permission -- to promote its mission of getting girls away from pink-theme "girls' toys" and towards math, science and other skills they'll need to become inventors and innovators.