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Occupy Oakland Attempts City Hall Break In

Occupy Oakland protesters still making waves.



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    About two-dozen Occupy Oakland protesters are trying to enter  Oakland City Hall this afternoon, so far unsuccessfully.
        Members of Occupy Oakland's interfaith coalition called for  protesters to take over the mayor's and city administrator's offices today  after police arrested 12 protesters in Frank Ogawa Plaza on Wednesday night.

        As of 2:30 p.m., the protesters had gathered outside the side  doors of City Hall chanting, "Shut down City Hall!"     After gathering at 2 p.m. at Frank Ogawa Plaza, protesters split  up and tried to enter through the side doors on opposite sides of the  building.
        They banged on the doors on the 14th Street side, and demanded to  be let in. A man came to the door and told the protesters that someone would  come out and talk to them, but that they had to "calm down."
        The protesters then tried to push their way through the doors but  were blocked and the doors locked again.
        Occupy Oakland has been holding a daily vigil in the plaza since  Nov. 29, after police dismantled encampments in the plaza and elsewhere in  Oakland.
        They were granted a permit to erect a teepee in the space,  provided it was removed at 10 p.m. each night. The protesters could then  rebuild the teepee each morning at 6 a.m.
        However, the city revoked the protesters' permit earlier this  week, saying the protesters had violated many of the permit's conditions,  such as by storing personal belongings in the plaza, including sleeping bags  and food, erecting garbage cans and distributing food without health permits.
        Legal representatives for Occupy Oakland maintain the group has  not violated the permit conditions.