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PETA Offers Vallejo Police Cash to Go Vegan

Police cruisers would feature a buxom blonde dressed only in lettuce



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    The message reads "'Lettuce' Serve & Protect Vallejo's health, the environment, and animals."

    In an open letter to Vallejo Police Chief Robert Nichelini, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have announced their latest publicity stunt.

    The idea would be to re-paint one or more of the Vallejo Police Department's cars to feature a scantily clad woman and the admonition to "Go Vegan!"

    Citing Vallejo's financial troubles and offering to help balance the department's budget, the letter from PETA Executive VP Tracy Reiman argues:

    Our ad would help bolster the budget while delivering a real public service: a message to Vallejo residents that they can protect their own well-being, as well as the environment and animals, by switching to a vegan diet.

    PETA offered cash to save one of California's state parks threatened by Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger's proposed closure, but only if the park was renamed "Sea Kitten State Park" in the hopes of convincing beachgoers that fish are cute and not just delicious.

    The organization has yet to receive a response from Chief Nichelini or the Department, and while it seems unlikely, the department has embraced new ideas on how to save money such as outsourcing the typing of the police report.

    But with a blog and a copy of Photoshop, PETA has already made a pretty funny point.

    Jackson West broiled some sea kittens for brunch on Sunday which turned out quite tasty.