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Pay to Picnic?



    Pay to Picnic?
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    How much would you pay a park to have a Saturday afternoon picnic with your pals? Most likely nothing, however, as reported by the Uptown Almanac,  Delores Park has an application you must fill out and a fee of $100 you must pay to use the park for picnics.

    In the Delores Park Picnic Application, it states: 

    "All picnics at Dolores Park will be required to provide a minimum of a $100 performance bond to ensure that all rules are followed. You may pay the bond either by charging it on your credit card or writing a personal check that we will return to you after the event if all rules are followed. The performance bond may be increased for certain events."

    The application, however, is unclear about what constitutes a "picnic." It states if your party is more than 75 people or involves amplified sound, sales of food, merandise or alcohol, you must fill out a Special Event Application.

    The San Francisco Examiner clarifies that the fee is actually a deposit that is returned, and the actual fee is $27. If you're a spontaneous picnicker stopping by with your blanket and basket of PB&J's, you will not be fined or required to fill out the permit.