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Pink Saturday Celebration Tamer This Year

After a 2010 shooting death and drunken revelry in 2011, Pink Saturday is taking it easy.



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    Kevin Goebel
    The indulgences of Pink Saturday will be toned down this year, according to organizers.

    Like Pride, Pink Saturday is growing up. And that means taking it easy this year.

    The traditional Saturday of Pride weekend celebration in the Castro will be toned-down this year, according to the San Francisco Examiner. Gone are the music stage -- and verboten also is alcohol.

    Instead, food trucks will be on hand to give partiers something to eat. Bars will still be open, but the street fair aspect of the party will be less substance-fueled bacchanal and more of a community-based scene, according to organizers.

    The changes come after a 19-year old man was shot and killed at Pink Saturday in 2010. Another five people were injured by gunfire last year, the newspaper reported.

    Charity group/fabulous drag nuns Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the event's organizers, made the changes after consulting with police, according to reports. Public intoxication, drugs, cans and glass bottles are all banned, the newspaper reported.

    “There is no need for excessive alcohol and drugs to alter yourself to have a good time here,” San Francisco police Sgt. Chuck Limbert told the newspaper. “We are trying to keep the theme of the neighborhood as a nonviolent place, and we wouldn’t want the world to know that it’s just a place to party.”