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Police Magically "Connect" Pot to Suspect



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    Somehow, police have determined that a speeding motorcyclist in Clearlake is responsible for six grams of pot found along his route.

    It's unclear exactly why the  cops started chasing the man. As he sped off, he tossed something to the ground. When police returned to the scene, they located a tiny amount of marijuana along the roadside.

    From there, they simply "connected" it to him through undisclosed means.

    The driver, meanwhile, wound up crashing at the end of a short high-speed chase. He was found to have a suspended license.

    It wasn't the only recent vehicular excitement in the area. A pickup truck tried to evade police on Monday but didn't get far: the driver crashed into a tree and was arrested. Police suspect that he may be responsible for other hit-and-run incidents in the area.

    Meanwhile, in accident-prone Santa Rosa, a motorist veered into a pharmacy wall, damaging some sensitive equipment. A person crashed into the median and died on I-880 in Fremont. A milk truck crashed in Brentwood, spilling its precious cargo all over the roadway. A woman suffering a heart problem lost consciousness as she collided with a school bus. And in Berkeley, a driver killed himself when he caused his car to roll over. His wife and two children were both injured.