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Porch Package Thief Caught on Tape

Packages delivered to your front porch are ripe for the picking of thieves



    Porch Package Thief Caught on Tape
    A Los Altos family posts a thief stealing a package from their doorstep.

    A Los Altos family is hoping someone will help them find the person who stole Christmas presents from their front porch over the holiday.

    They've posted the video on YouTube that shows a young attractive woman simply walking up to the home with an empty box in hand.  She exchanges the empty for one filled with gifts and then walks off camera to a waiting car.

    The victim talked to the San Jose Mercury News. Julia Wetzel said the empty box the woman dropped off was from a package that was taken from her neighbor's porch just a few days earlier.

    Wetzel said she set up the camera after someone stole mail back in October.

    Los Altos police Sgt. Scott McCrossin called the holiday heist "brazen." He told the paper doorstep thefts tend to go both unnoticed and unreported.

    If you have any information about the theft call the Los Altos Police Department at 650-947-2770.