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More Canna-Business Could Be Coming to Oakland

Legal cannabis cultivation intended to create revenue



    More Canna-Business Could Be Coming to Oakland
    Jodi Hernandez
    City councilmember Rebecca Kaplan says the measure will generate much needed money that will be used to fund things like parks and police. She says other cities are calling hoping to follow Oakland's lead.

    The Oakland City Council's Larry Reid and Rebecca Kaplan have a plan to keep Oakland on the leading edge of marijuana decriminalization in California.

    Namely, a bill that would allow up to four cannabis cultivation operations in the city, as well as increase the number of dispensaries by 50 percent, from four to six.

    The bill is meant to address a couple of concerns. First, like most cities in California, Oakland is strapped for cash -- and the cultivation operations would naturally be taxed.

    Second, unlicensed hydroponic farms have a bad habit of, ahem, going up in smoke thanks to electrical fires. The license would require fire and safety inspections be conducted.

    Kaplan told the Oakland Tribune that "the idea is to begin with a small number with very rigorous oversight."

    "Once that's up and running and we've seen it can work, we can come back and amend" the ordinance to increase the number of operations, Kaplan said.

    And don't worry about the strong smell of a large, commercial pot farm ruining your property values -- the intent is to have the sites located in industrial, not residential, neighborhoods.

    Jackson West still prefers "Smokeland" to "Oaksterdam."

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