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SETI + NASA? It's Arts In Space!

Using human energy to explore the skies



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    When SETI and NASA get together in Mountain View, something is surely going be discovered, right?

    We keep asking the question, What's out there?  Our never-ending quest to discover whether or not we're alone has come to the Bay Area, where a new partnership is using human creativity to fuel the latest exploration.

    NASA and The SETI Institute say they'll work together to channel creative energy to, as they say, "explore worlds beyond."  It's a fellowship program to, along with a think tank, bring artists together with scientists to help find meaning in the universe through a symphony or painting.

    If this sounds a little nutty, well, it is a union of two Bay Area organizations, both of which are famous for (and I say this as a fan of each) having their heads in the stars.  They'll kick things off with the band Tangerine Dream, doing a bit called "Sonic Universe," (what else?) billed as the "first concert to blend human music with acoustic sounds from the stars."

    This is not the first time art and science have reached out to touch each other, not by a long shot.  But in this age of polarization between science (serious!) and art (flaky!), it's nice to see a detante forming - count on Silicon Valley forces to bring the two together .. with a higher purpose.

    Scott like music, and space.  He's on Twitter:  @scottbudman