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SF Aesthetics Police Gives AT&T 2 Thumbs Down



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    Not everyone in San Francisco wants AT&T to add to its services.

    AT&T is really trying to convince San Francisco that it needs digital cable Internet and phone service,

    But the masses don't want to pay what it will cost to prepare the City for AT&T's service and we aren't talking about a bill.

    AT&T wants to install 726 4-foot-tall boxes across the City to set the system up. But some community groups think the boxes are ugly and would have a negative impact on aesthetics in San Francisco.

    Those groups are hoping the San Francisco Board of Supervisors votes to require a an environmental report of AT&T's project before any boxes can be installed.

    Lovers of technology and competition -- Comcast already offers digital Internet, phone and cable service in the City -- are hoping that supervisors vote not to require a report.

    The telecommunications company tried to install the boxes before but was met with community opposition.