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SF Police Recover 114 Stolen Bikes

SF Bike Thief Arrrested



    SF Police Recover 114 Stolen Bikes

    San Francisco police have recovered 114 stolen bikes all connected to an 18-year-old, who was later arrested in connection with several of the thefts.

    In a statement sent Friday, police said Irving Sanchez of San Francisco was arrested May 17 after police found eight stolen bikes in his kitchen. After a further search, police found two storage lockers in the 5200 block of Coliseum Way in Oakland. One locker contained 25 bicycles. The second contained 81.

    Police also recovered 80 bicycle tires and a bicycle frame inside the second locker.

    If you think that your bike was stolen, check out the Ingleside Police Station website, and contact the department at 415-404-4044. Use the number of your bike found on the website to tell police, which bike you're referring to.

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