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SFPD Raid 'Occupied' Building

No protesters have been removed yet.



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    Bob Redell / NBC Bay Area
    The Occupy movement continues to engage police activity well after May 1.

    San Francisco police and San Francisco County sheriffs raided a building at 888 Turk St. this morning at around 5 a.m. to evict the Occupiers holed-up inside.

    Protesters in plastic cuffs are being removed from the building. One protester in a wheelchair, who was released, said about 40 people squatted overnight in the building.

    He also said protesters surrendered without a fight, but that they were surprised because they thought they had until 10 a.m. before any police action. 

    At least a dozen officers rushed into the building while at least another 30 officers in riot gear have set up a perimeter outside.

    Officers have removed some police barricades that protesters had dragged into the building.

    Several protesters watched the police activity from the second floor window.

    NBC Bay Area's Bob Redell witnessed police on the roof and the second floor.

    Animal control took away away one of the protester's dogs at around 5:45 a.m.