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City Cyclists Go on Pothole Patrol

Call 311 and the City promises to get them fixed



    City Cyclists Go on Pothole Patrol
    We're on pothole patrol.

    The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and Department of Public Works are asking the City's cyclists to be the eyes and, ahem, gears in improving San Francisco's pockmarked streets.

    While motorists don't love potholes, cyclists loathe them, as they can cause serious accidents when hitting one or swerving to avoid them.

    So the SFBC and DPW are asking cyclists to call them in to 311, with the DPW promising that they'll be fixed in as little as a week.

    The SFBC has long promoted better surfaces for cyclists, but the new "Turn 'Em In" campaign has a catchy cartoon with a hipster heroine and flamboyant hero in tights!

    But seriously, call 311. And drivers? You're welcome.

    Jackson West would like to point out the giant pothole that is Division.