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Fighting Falcons Over Downtown San Jose

An endangered species is making a comeback.



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    When falcons fight over territory it's a good sign.

    There's a battle going on at San Jose's City Hall and it has nothing to do with budget cuts or Occupy protests.

    According to the San Jose Mercury News, two male Peregrine falcons were spotted fighting over territory and more importantly a female falcon. Scientists say this is great news for a species which was on the brink of extinction just a few decades ago. The turf battle is a positive sign the Peregrine falcon is making a comeback in the Bay Area. There were none in the region back in 1970's before the banning of the pesticide DDT. But their numbers have slowly increased and there are now 30 to 35 pairs.

    The two were fighting over a female nicknamed, 'Clara' who has gained the attention of other males.   Earlier this month, Clara's companion was kicked off his perch by another falcon. Clara is currently nesting four eggs which should hatch sometime next month. City Hall isn't the only home for the Peregrine. Other falcons have been seen on other buildings throughout downtown San Jose.

    Falcons have nested above city hall since construction of the building was completed back in 2005.   And in case you're wondering, the name Peregrine is Latin and it means wandering. And do they love to travel. They are known to cross the Arctic region all the way down to South America.

    Below are two YouTube clips from a local falcon watcher who is spending time in and around San Jose City Hall watching our newest falcon family.