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Septuagenarian Uses Lighter Fluid in Fight: Cops



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    Josh Keppel
    This wasn't quite the scene in Mendocino, but you get the idea.

    Fight fire with fire - but fight a marijuana debt with lighter fluid and the threat of fire?

    A 77-year old Willits man used the latter strategy over a perceived marijuana debt, when he sprayed a 20-year old Ceres man with lighter fluid and threatened to set him on fire, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

    William Green was arrested after telling Mendocino County sheriff's deputies he planned to set his business partner on fire after he reneged on a debt, the newspaper said.

    Green thought the younger man owed him money over marijuana growing equipment. So when the 20-year old man called, asking to buy some marijuana, Green invited him over with the intention to set him on fire, he told police.

    The younger man fled unharmed after Green put the fluid to him.

    Green was not jailed because he suffers from a medical condition. He was issued a citation to appear in court.