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Sewage Overflow in SF's Mission District

Storm drains back up, sewage bubbles up in Mission.



    Sewage Overflow in SF's Mission District
    Ari Odzer/
    A river of sewage in front of YMCA and Rotary Park in Hollywood. Sewage backups caused issues in the Mission District today.

    Cue the scat jokes.

    The rainfall Thursday morning backed up storm drains and sent sewage spilling into homes, businesses, and the streets in the Mission District near Folsom and 17th streets, according to reports.

    The overflow was first reported at 4 a.m., according to the San Francisco Appeal online newspaper. First firefighters, then Department of Public Works crews, then workers from the Public Utilities Commission showed up to inspect the mess, determine the cause, and figure out a cleanup method.

    "It did smell and look like sewage, so there was only so much we could so," Fire Capt. Jeanne Seyler told the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Sewage overflows are a sadly common problem in this part of San Francisco. In efforts to prevent foul backups, the city revamped the storm drains in the low-lying area in 2009, installed larger sewer pipes and a pump while clearing debris from the lines, the Chronicle reported.

    Keep in mind that much of the Mission District is built on what used to be swampy watershed.

    The Public Utilities Commission is working to figure out exactly what fouled up their drainage scheme. In the meantime, more rain is expected tonight, meaning it could be deja sewage all over again tomorrow.

    Happy Friday.