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Shark Fin Soup Ban Approaches Reality

A long-awaited ban on shark fins will take effect Monday



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    A bowl of shark fin soup will be illegal in California come Monday.

    Time to fill up on soup -- on shark fin soup.

    The Chinese delicacy, a staple of wedding banquets and other special occasions, is about to go the way of foie gras in California: banned.

    A long-awaited ban on importing shark fins -- which is, believe it or not, the main ingredient in shark fin soup -- goes into effect on Monday, according to SF Weekly.

    The ban comes after finning of sharks was previously outlawed. Soup was made with fins present in California as of January 2012, the newspaper reported.

    Shark fins may be out of the soup, but they're going to be in court soon: a challenge on the ban is due to be heard in the Circuit Court of Appeals in August, according to reports.

    "So go stuff yourself to the gills this weekend" on shark fin soup, the newspaper advises.