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Stockton Wants The Google Barge -- If It's Coming

Not even Google will say where the barge is going, but Stockton wants it -- badly.



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    Onward to Stockton?

    Stockton welcomes the Google Barge -- if the famed mystery boat is indeed sailing to San Joaquin County.

    While the Port of Stockton and Stockton officials still know nothing about Google's alleged plans to move its barge from Treasure Island to the San Joaquin County seat, they're all about it -- if it's true -- according to the Stockton Record.

    "No one in Stockton, even the Port of Stockton, has a notion of what this is all about!" according to the newspaper.

    But make no mistake: "the Google barge would be welcomed!"

    Google was recently put on noticed by bay-watchers in San Francisco Bay that its barge would need to acquire permits or get going. It appears Google has chosen the latter option, according to reports.

    For a while, it was unclear what Google was doing on the barge. Now it appears most likely to be a floating showroom for Google glass.

    CNET was first to report that the barge would be headed to Stockton, which has a deep-water port for ocean-going vessels despite being 100 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean.

    Whatever is on board doesn't matter to Stockton.

    "Google! Whatever you are building on that barge -- bring it here," The San Joaqiun Partnership, a business-booster for the area, wrote in The Record.