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Suspected Muni Humper Arrested

Blogs, Twitter help victims connect and finger suspect



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    Christopher Chen
    Hopefully N-Judah riders can feel a little safer now that the suspected Muni Humper has been apprehended.

    A Twitter user who connected with other victims through a popular local blog has helped San Francisco police identify and arrest a man suspected of multiple sexual assaults on board local trains.

    The alleged "Muni Humper" has been booked on multiple counts of sexual battery.

    The modus operandi of the perp was to sidle up against women on crowded trains and then make inappropriate contact, according to police. When discovered, he'd exit the car at the next stop.

    An account of a bit of criminal frottage was first published on the Muni Diaries blog.

    MUNI Humper Victim Speaks Out

    [BAY] MUNI Humper Victim Speaks Out
    A woman who says she is a victim of a man known as "the MUNI humper" talks about her ordeal.
    (Published Saturday, June 6, 2009)

    Another victim with a similar account spoke out, and eventually contacted Muni and the SFPD.

    The suspect was identified from a police lineup, and confirmed via Muni surveillance footage.

    It was thanks to the victim being able to remember the time and date of incidents correctly with the help of her own Twitter stream that officers were able to quickly pull up the relevant video.

    The suspect is a minor, meaning further details on the case from the SFPD are unlikely to be forthcoming.

    Photo by Christopher Chen.

    Jackson West hopes this leads to an increase in ridership.