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Teacher Convicted in Sex Assault, Stalking

A Cal swim coach pursues a sex assault case from the 1990s and wins.



    Walnut Creek Woman Sues Moraga Schools for Sex Assault

    Kristen Cunnane, an assistant swim coach at UC Berkeley, has filed a civil suit against Moraga School District for an alleged sexual assault by a science teacher when she was 14 years old. Kris Sanchez reports. (Published Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012)

    UC Berkeley's assistant swim coach went through a sexual abuse case and won.

    Her abuser, her physical education teacher convicted of raping and stalking Kristen Cunnane back in the 1990s, is now serving an eight-year sentence for her crimes.

    Now Cunnane is filing a civil suit against the Moraga School District and several school officials for not protecting her and others from sexual abuse.

    Cunnane says she found out school district officials were hiding information that a young girl claimed she was abused by her science teacher at Joaquin Moraga Middle School. The letter was discovered when a reporter was following up on her sexual abuse story.

    Cunnane was raped and stalked by her teacher in the mid-90s.

    "I read that letter that girl wrote and nothing happened and I’m sure she knows that (the science teacher) went on to molest and rape other kids. Eventually he killed himself and how much pain she must have felt from that," Cunnane said.

    Kristen is now married and is an assistant swim coach at Cal. She says coming forward publicly with her story of abuse is tough but hopes it sends a message to the school district.