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Tech To Fight Gun Violence: Bratton Joins ShotSpotter Board

SST talks tech to fight gun violence



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    Jodi Hernandez
    Bill Bratton walking on Oakland streets in March 2013.

    The Silicon Valley company using technology to try and track gun shots just got a big vote of confidence from the law enforcement community: Bill Bratton, former Los Angeles chief of police and former New York city and Boston police commissioners, is coming on board.

    Specifically, Bratton, who also recently became a consultant to the city of Oakland, is joining the board of directors of SST, the Newark-based maker of ShotSpotter technology. This company makes technology to figure out  the source of  gunshots as quickly as possible. Bratton, who created CompStat, a way to use data to identify crime hot spots, seems a natural fit.

    Ralph Clark, CEO of SST, released this statement on the company's blog today: "Bill and I share the view that reducing gun violence, and the criminal activity that accompanies gun violence, starts with actionable data which allows law enforcement and communities a more effective and directed response in reducing gun violence and creating safer neighborhoods."

    Big Data is everywhere these days, a way to uses technology to track everything from our shopping habits, to how effective hitters are on day games in baseball. Using it to track and fight crime?

    It's worth a shot.

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