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The Rolling Stones Just Won't Die

Work is underway to shore up Telegraph Hill in San Francisco



    The Rolling Stones Just Won't Die
    Bob Redell
    This is the hill that is falling in San Francisco.

    Telegraph Hill will continue to crumble onto the street below. 

    The City of San Francisco is confident of this. 

    All man can do right now is soften the blow for whatever comes tumbling down while engineers try to come up with a permanent fix. 

    Workers have started using a backhoe to remove the slope left behind at the bottom of the hill by a landslide that happened Monday.  The recent rains weakened the cliff.   Large rocks crashed down, severely damaging a car and temporarily blocking the back entrance to the condos.

    By creating what they call a "landing pad," rocks will be more likely to come to a stop instead of rolling onto in the nearby condominiums. 

    The City is leaving behind the large boulders from Monday's fall to act as a barrier between the building and crumbling hillside.  

    Residents have since been allowed back into the three units that were yellow tagged, with the understanding that they shouldn't sleep in any rooms facing the hillside.

    The city is looking into how to secure the cliff.  Ideas including using shotcrete, bolt supports and wire mesh."