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The Short Life of a Baby Giant

Sacramento Zoo's first ever baby giant anteater dies



    The Short Life of a Baby Giant
    Sacramento Zoo
    The baby giant anteater's birth was a rarity and the first at the Sacramento Zoo.

    The first ever giant anteater born at the Sacramento Zoo lived a very short life.

    Zoo officials on Tuesday announced that they found the lifeless body of the newborn animal during a routine mid-morning check.

    The baby, who's anticipated birth was confirmed in January, had been growing stronger since her March 9 birth. A necroposy will help veterinarians determine the cause of death.

    The baby was one of two mama Amber gave birth to that day. The second newborn dies a few hours after it was born.

    "I couldn’t be more proud of the staff here at Sacramento Zoo." Harrison Edell, Zoo General Curator said via news release. "The staff members who've worked so hard to ensure that this newest addition thrived have proven themselves to be dedicated, thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of the animals in our care."