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Thieves Rob Colma Cemetery

A Colma cemetery was victim to a metal theft last month.



    Thieves Rob Colma Cemetery
    One of Colma's cemeteries was robbed of its bronze.

    Metal-hungry, taboo-unfearing robbers knocked over a Colma cemetery last month, stealing hundreds of bronze flower vases off of the ground.

    Cypress Lawn Memorial Park was robbed on Feb. 3 and on Feb. 18, according to the San Francisco Examiner. Thieves grabbed over 500 small bronze flower vases off of the ground, entering the cemetery from adjacent properties to do so, according to the newspaper.

    There were no witnesses to the thefts, and police currently have no suspects, the newspaper reported.

    The flower vases cost about $170 each. It's believed the thieves will take them to a metal recycler for cash value in copper. Bronze is an alloy that includes copper and tin, the newspaper noted.

    None of Colma's 17 other cemeteries were targeted. Cypress Lawn has three cemeteries; only two were robbed, the newspaper reported.

    There are about 10,000 such small flower vases at Cypress Lawn.