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SJ Man Charged With Impersonating Cop

Police searching for hard evidence of suspect who pulled people over as he pretended to be a cop



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    A San Jose man faces several serious charges for allegedly impersonating a cop.

    Mark Polini was arrested earlier this week in Atascadero, but investigators say they have reason to believe he posed as a cop up and down Highway 101.

    They are hoping people will recognize his car or his mug shot so they can prove he has initiated traffic stops.  Right now, there are only suspicions he pulled people over.

    Atascadero cops say they stumbled on Polini as he was sitting in a black Crown Victoria at 3 a.m. Monday morning behind a gas station in their city limits.  They weren't aware of any surveillance in the area so they started to chat him up and in the end found him to be in possession of a loaded concealed weapon.

    His car was decked out in cop gear including front and rear strobe lights, a siren, a center console computer and a prisoner cage.

    They say he was dressed in all black and was wearing a black CHP baseball cap at the time.

    Polini has already posted bail, but faces charges of possession of dangerous weapon, carrying a concealed weapon in vehicle and
    impersonating a peace officer.

    Atascadero posted a "Be On the Lookout" for all police agencies up the California coast.

    Investigators say Polini was in Atascadero because he was staying with his girlfriend's parents in nearby Santa Margarita. Police searched that home and said they found a large gun they believe belongs to Polini.  They say the gun had an illegal suppression device.

    The Atascadero Police Department wants to know if Polini pulled anybody over while impersonating an officer. If you have any information call 805-461-5058.

    If you ever find yourself in a position where you wonder about the authenticity of an officer who pulls you over, you are allowed to ask them for identification.  You could also call 911 and ask the dispatcher for help.