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Torn US Flag Flown at Capitol Upsets Vets



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    The state Capitol flew a torn U.S. flag Monday that turned heads and upset veterans.

    The U.S. flag was hanging by one hook and was in violation of U.S. flag code.

    A representative for the state Department of General Services said the flag was destroyed in Monday's rain and wind.

    U.S. flag code states that a U.S. flag should not be flown ripped or in inclement weather unless it is an all-weather flag.

    A representative of the department on Monday said no one would be removing the flag until Tuesday because of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and also because the weather would likely just ruin another flag.

    But the Department of General Services later pulled all of the flags flying at the Capitol down for the night. Officials planned to fly a new flag Tuesday morning.

    Gilbert Gamino, a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, said he feels personally disrespected by officials who allowed the tattered flag to fly. He called the flag "the greatest symbol" there ever was.

    "Take it down immediately and replace it with a suitable all-weather flag," added Melinda Smith, a member of the Ladies' Auxiliary to the VFW.

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