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Two Is Better Than One for Nancy Garrido



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    Nancy Garrido, wife of Phillip Garrido, in El Dorado Superior Court during her arraignment for abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard, Placerville, Calif.

    Two lawyers are better than one. Especially when you are accused of helping your husband kidnap a little girl and father children with her.

    There was some confusion Friday during a hearing in the trial of a husband and wife accused of kidnapping Jaycee Dugard and holding her captive.

    Two attorneys showed up to defend Nancy Garrido, who is suspected of helping her husband abduct the 11-year-old Dugard in Meyers, Calif. back in 1991.

    This is not the first time Nancy Garrido has had lawyer trouble. In November, Nancy Garrido's Gilbert Maineswas ordered off the case when he was suspected of trying to milk his role for a book or movie deal.

    The order was eventually stayed but not before a judge assigned a new lawyer to Nancy.

    Maybe two lawyers it not a bad thing for Mrs. Garrido. The case has drawn international headlines and many in the public arena have already made their assumptions about both Garridos. If convicted Nancy Garrido is facing an awfully long time bars.