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Video of Santa Rosa's "Star Wars" Baby Goes Viral

A brief video of the Star Wars theme calming a crying baby began in the greater Bay Area.



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    The force of John Williams' music calms a California infant. And the world goes gaga.

    A 29-second home video, findable under the search term "Star Wars Theme Song Calms Crying Baby," has catapulted seven-month-old Sebastien Leyack to Internet stardom, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

    Watch video here.

    Shot by his mother, Amy, the video shows Leyack crying in his crib -- crying until, that is, his mother plays the opening bars of the "Star Wars" theme. Then, as if by magic or a Jedi mind trick, Sebastian is silent.

    "Works every time," Amy says on the video.

    As a joke, Amy Leyack posted the video online last week. The Huffington Post found it, gobbled it up, and posted it online for millions more to see, the newspaper reported.

    Since then, the family has been inundated with interview requests from "Good Morning America," "ABC News with Diane Sawyer," "Today" and other shows, the newspaper reported.

    How did this begin? Gaston Leyack, the father, is a big Star Wars fan and played the theme while Amy was pregnant.