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Crime Plagues Golden Gate Park

Crime wave shows no sign of stopping.



    Crime Plagues Golden Gate Park
    Daniel Ramirez
    A trail in Golden Gate Park. Photo by Daniel Ramirez, via Flickr.

    Golden Gate Park has a crime problem, and nobody's sure what to do about it.

    An attempt to close the park to the public at night has gone nowhere, according to the Ex, due to a lack of support for the proposal.

    The park has long been a haven for violent crime after the sun goes down. It's illegal to camp there, but it's nearly impossible for cops to locate encampments in the dark.

    Currently, it's legal for anyone to hang out in the park at any hour of the day. But that's led to a slew of stabbings, dog maulings, and arboreal vandalism. Cops could ticket loiterers if rules were changed to prevent late-night visitors.

    Before he left office, Gavin Newsom supported nocturnal closure. Supervisor Chu, whose district abuts the park, also supports it.

    Currently, there's just no momentum behind the proposal. Newsom left before he could get the ball rolling, and Mayor Lee has been too busy to get up to speed. Maybe after a few more deaths it'll pop back onto more peoples' radar.