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Whale-watching Station at Local School?

An elementary school in Pacifica is trying to take advantage of its natural setting to teach its students about nearby whales.



    Whale-watching Station at Local School?
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    If you build it, they will spout.

    And every student from Sunset Ridge Elementary may be able to see them.

    The whales which populate the Pacific Ocean near Pacifica -- the city clinging to cliffs above the coast just south of San Francisco -- breach in full view of this school, fog willing, reports the San Mateo County Times.

    A perfect learning opportunity is to be had, hence a cadre of parents and school officials are planning to build a whale-watching station.

    The station would be an outdoor viewing deck, from which an entire class at once could witness breaching whales, as some lucky students did last September, when 10 whales came to the surface within view of the school, the newspaper reported.  When whales are not in view, the platform would be used as an "outdoor classroom," with information on native plants as well as aquatic fauna.

    Business leaders are being asked to donate money, and local contractors are being called upon to donate material and labor. Project sponsors want to begin construction sometime this summer.