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"Where's Gavin" Game Back in Play

Some want him to stick around, others think he couldn't leave fast enough



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    Gavin Newsom wants a rider to volunteer time and ideas to the board that oversees San Francisco's Muni.

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's failed bid for the gubernatorial nomination was rife with controversy about how much time he was spending away from San Francisco.

    Not to mention how much of San Francisco's budget travelled with him in the form of a full security detail.  Thursday, for instance, Newsom drove over to Fremont for a join Jerry Brown for a press event at Solaris.

    Now that he's won the Democratic Party's nomination for lieutenant governor, critics are wondering if the city will face a similar problem of truancy from Room 200 at City Hall.

    That said, many of those same critics are hoping he wins so they can choose his replacement. Awkward!

    Raw Video: Newsom Wins Lt. Gov Nomination

    [BAY] Raw Video: Newsom Wins Lt. Gov Nomination

    Newsom is facing off against Republican incumbent Abel Maldonado, the former state senator from the central coast, and will need plenty of votes from southern California if he wants to win.

    Newsom's proposed budget is in the hands of the Board of Supervisors. Hopefully they have his iPhone's number so they can text him with questions and trade spreadsheets.

    As for winning over latino voters who may play a key role in the race, to his credit Newsom didn't have to go far on Thursday.

    Plenty of Spanish-language television outlets were on hand to watch him announce the live screenings of World Cup matches at Civic Center.

    Jackson West is wondering if he shouldn't get this World Cup fever checked out by a doctor.