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Woman Gets Naked on Highway 17



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    Woman booked after stripping clothes on highway.

    Thirty-four-year-old Cheryl L. Beauchamp, of Tampa FL,  was arrested Thursday after she stripped off her bikini top and shorts, exposing herself to a California Highway Patrol officer.

    The woman was walking south of the Pasatiempo over-crossing on northbound 17, around noon, when officer Christopher Shore stopped her, reports the Merc.

    At that time the woman dropped her top and shorts, exposing her nude body to Shore, and passing motorists.

    She was then handcuffed and dressed, and booked for indecent exposure, and for being on the freeway illegally.

    The same woman had been warned by the same officer earlier in the day for walking on the freeway.

    Today she was spotted by yet another CHP officer at Casa Del 17. She kept her clothing on, and was given a ride by an officer, into Santa Cruz.