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Yahoo Quits iPad Magazine

Livestand, Yahoo's iPad-based magazine, will no longer be published.



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    Yahoo is in a series of transitions, with its fourth CEO in about a year.

    Publishing is a tough business these days. Even if you're Yahoo publishing an iPad magazine.

    The struggling Internet behemoth ended publication of Livestand, its iPad-based magazine app, just seven months into its publication history, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

    Yahoo is in a series of transitions, with its fourth CEO in about a year, the newspaper reported. "The flashy, personalized digital magazine app" apparently failed to meet expectations -- and to undo a trend of flagging, sagging revenue and market share lost to Google and Facebook -- before it had a chance to sell subscriptions, the newspaper reported.

    Livestand offered no original content. Users could see Yahoo content like sports and business news, as well as content from partners like Forbes, the newspaper reported.

    The app was launched in November 2011 after plans for it were announced in February of that year. Other, similar options gained a foothold in that time, the newspaper noted.

    The company is currently seeking a new fulltime CEO, after Scott Thompson was found to have falsified a computer science degree on his resume.