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Yahoo Says Patrick Peterson Won't Find SF



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    Patrick Peterson may not find his way to San Francisco if search trends have anything to do with it.

    The San Francisco 49ers won't have Patrick Peterson or Blaine Gabbert to choose from if Yahoo has anything to do with it.

    The NFL lockout may or may not be over but searches for the NFL Draft, which starts this Thursday, using Yahoo are up 36 percent from last week.

    But overall the lockout seems to be having an effect on fans. Searches for the draft are down 32 percent since this time last year.

    It may be that fans have soured on the NFL or in an off season without an off season, fans can't get excited about a draft without the possibility of player trades.

    If search trends are a predictor of how the draft will go -- and it's not -- Gabbert, Peterson, Cam Newton, Jake Locker and Mark Ingram would all be off the board by the time the 49ers are on the clock.

    Gabbert and searches for his girlfriend are the top draft related search items on Yahoo, while Newton is the No. 2 most searched draft-eligible athlete.

    The player many think will land in San Francisco, Patrick Peterson, is the No. 3 most searched draft player on Yahoo, with his search stock rising everyday.