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SF Teen Death Included Bizarre Body Disposal



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    San Francisco police unraveled a bizarre homicide investigation that left a sophomore student dead.

    The story behind the shooting death of a San Francisco teenager over the weekend is becoming more bizarre by the day.

    Andy Zeng's body was found inside a friend's home early Sunday. Zeng was a popular sophomore at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School in the City. His death was first reported as a suicide, but then San Francisco police declared it a homicide and arrested four people. Now it looks like it may be something even more sinister.

    The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting the alleged shooter, a 15-year-old, accidentally killed Zeng with a .22 caliber hand gun. He then allegedly called some buddies over to help him dispose of the body.  The storyline, pieced together by the Chronicle, is beyond creepy.  It says the group discussed sawing the body in half so that it would be easier to move. In the end, they poured gasoline on the corpse with the intent to set the room on fire, but could not light the matches because they were too wet.

    Initially, San Francisco were looking to charge five people in the case, but are now down to two suspects. Both are under arrest. They include the 15-year-old who allegedly pulled the trigger and an 18-year-old who allegedly responded to the cry to help dispose of the body.