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Zynga's Pincus No Longer a Billionaire

Net worth of Zynga CEO drops to to hundreds of millions.



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    Joi Ito
    He still has a house on Billionaire's Row.

    He's still playing Words with Friends -- just not as a billionaire anymore.

    Zynga, Inc. CEO Mark Pincus, whose company produces the legendary FarmVille and other games, is no longer a billionaire thanks to his company's poorly-performing stock, according to Forbes.

    Forbes produces an annual list of American billionaires, and the San Francisco company's CEO has been on the list ever since Zynga went public. But Zynga has also lost one-third of its value in the past year, according to the San Francisco Business Times, which means the eccentric Pincus's worth is now merely in the hundreds of millions.

    Sounds tough.

    Zynga stock was trading at $3.61 per share Monday, the Business Times reported. Its 52-week high was $14.48.

    Among locals, Larry Ellison is king, with his net worth making him fifth-richest of all Americans on the list.