“Maybe Someone Doesn't Like Sexy, Fat Women:” Owner of San Jose's Curvy Girl on Rocks Thrown Into Her Shop

The owner of a San Jose lingerie store that caters to plus-size women has been vandalized three times since March, and it's made her wonder if all the rock-throwing is because of her weight.

"You know, there's a lot of people who really hate fat people," Chrystal Bougon, owner of Curvy Girl on Meridian Avenue in the Willow Glen neighborhood told NBC Bay Area on Thursday, the same day she found a rock through her store window. "There was glass everywhere, it was just a mess."

Someone also threw a rock through her window on March 8 and March 16, she said. She said she doesn't want to be a "conspiracy theorist," but she pondered out loud:  "Maybe someone just doesn't like sexy fat women?"

The first time, she said she was frustrated. The second time she thought it was weird. And the third time, which occurred some time on May 13, made her just feel like it was because she sells sexy dresses to women sizes Plus 12 and up.

Nothing was stolen inside the shop, and no one had scrawled any anti-fat epithets on her store walls.

Without more evidence, San Jose Police Officer Albert Morales said that there's no way to tell if the rock thrower had any specific bias toward Bougon, who made headlines in 2013 when she publicly took on Maria Kang, Sacramento's "Fit Mom," over a controversial magazine cover about sexiness and weight.

"We can't really confirm she was an isolated target," Morales said.

The department's Crime Stats search, however, shows that Curvy Girl is not the only Willow Glen business or home to suffer any damage. In the last 30 days, there have been 139 reports of property crime, burglary, robbery and theft along Meridian Avenue, noted in the police department online records.

And it's not just Willow Glen being targeted either. To compare, there have been 143 of the same crimes reported near The Alameda, a similar stretch of businesses and homes in San Jose.

Morales said within the last couple of months there has been a "rash of businesses" that have had rocks thrown through them. In the fall of 2014, DiModa Salon, BevMo, Baskin & Robbins and Starbucks all suffered broken window damage.

"There's no reason to think anyone is being singled out," Morales said.

Whether she was the intended target or not,  this latest property crime is inspiring Bourgon to keep doing what she's doing: Making heavy women feel beautiful.

"Haters are my motivators," she said. "Clearly, there's more work to be done."

NBC Bay Area's Michelle Roberts contributed to this report.

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