Abused Dog Dumped at Shelter

Vets say they aren't sure if the dog will survive

Authorities are looking to identify a person caught on surveillance video dumping a severely injured German Shepherd at the doorstep of the Oakland Animal Shelter.

The dog is probably 6 to 7 years old and dumped shortly after midnight Thursday. The dog has been abused so badly and is in so much pain that veterinarians fear they will have to put her down.

Officials say the dog's kidneys are failing and that her organs are shutting down.

Retired Oakland Police Officer Dave Cronin says the incident is one of the worst abuse cases he has seen during his nine years serving in and out of the shelter.

“Like in my nine years in and out of the shelter it’s one of the worst abuse cases I’ve seen,” said Dave Cronin, a retired Oakland Police officer.

Cronin said a bungie cord was wrapped around the dog's neck and her legs. Some of the rope was embedded in the dog's skin.

Officials are hoping to find answers.

"We don't know who dropped her off. We know that she was in someone's backyard and we want someone to step up and have the courage to say that dog belongs to my neighbor," Cronin said.

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