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Airbnb Seeks to Help Natural Disaster Victims With Housing and Money

Airbnb wants to make it easier to help survivors of natural disasters with housing and money as part of a ramp-up of what the company did during the Northern California wildfires.

The San Francisco-based company already helps connect people with available housing, and now they want to help connect people with financial donations.

Airbnb donations will allow hosts to donate some of their profits to aid organizations that help people find temporary shelter.

The host donors can choose what percentage of their take they want to donate, and 100% of what they choose will go to the nonprofits.

Airbnb is currently partnered with Hands and Heart, Make-a-Wish, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps.

The company claims that since they launched their last initiative Open Homes in 2017, which offers free temporary housing to those in need, they've helped 25,000 people find a place to stay.

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