Alameda KFC Forced to Repaint After Residents Complain About ‘Eyesore'

The new paint job at the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Encinal Avenue in Alameda is not what neighbors expected, and now city leaders are cracking down, demanding yet another facelift. 

The issue was brought up during a City Council meeting on Tuesday, when residents who live near the fast food eatery said that the new red-and-white striped building looked "garish," like a circus tent, and out of place in the otherwise quaint neighborhood.

Alameda residents aren’t pleased about the new paint job at the local KFC — now, the city council is stepping in.

After viewing photographs, the council agreed: the new paint job went against the city's chosen aesthetic and approved color palate. 

The old exterior was a neutral tan shade with red accents, allowing it to blend better with the posh homes that flank one of its sides.

But not everyone thinks the KFC needs changing. 

"I don't think it's a burden to the neighborhood," said Alameda resident Melissa Cunningham. "If anything, I think it makes it look a lot cleaner and friendlier." 

Do you think the colors should be changed?

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