Apple and Google Ignore New App Ratings

The CTIA, the international wireless industry association, proposed a ratings system for applications and immediately were met with resistance or apathy from the leading mobile platform owners -- Google and Apple.

Google was the most vocal about its dislike. "We've put a lot of effort into Android Market's rating system, which now works well globally," Google spokesman Christopher Katsaros said, according to CNN. "While we support other systems, we think it's best for Android users and developers to stick with Android's existing ratings."

Apple hasn't commented publicly on the issue, but also won't be taking part in the universal ratings system, according to Bloomberg News

While it's true that the Android Market and App Store have perfectly fine rating systems, the idea that both Apple and Google almost immediately discounted the universal system shows that both know the power they wield in the mobile market. They don't have to take direction or be dictated to by a trade association, and in some ways this is a good thing, in others it shows that both companies can easily manipulate the CTIA or any other agency attempting to curtail or change their behavior.

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