Apple Employees Get Swag

Apple has started using Pirq, a mobile app that offers its users 20 to 50 percent off at restaurants -- but it's for Apple employees only.

Not surprisingly, it's one of the perks of working for the Cupertino, Calif. company.   

“I think, for us, the main objective is to procure the best restaurants and vendors for Apple employees. And when you have a group like that — the restaurants really want that business,” Pirq founder and chief executive James Sun told the Washington Post.
The exclusive deal will only go on for the next 90 days, but after that Pirq is allowed to open up its databases to other companies' employees. Sun said there are already 20 companies ready to sign. 
The concept for Pirq is that it's not quite a "daily deals app," but more for a select group of individuals, likely local and a certain demographic -- like Apple employees. Sun also said that Pirq had to compete for the contract to work with Apple, but was quiet about the details.
We think it's interesting that Apple is being creative about bringing perks to its employees, but we wonder if there is space for an app like this in the already over-saturated daily deals space.
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