Apple Now Giving Employees Option for In-House Healthcare

Apple is moving more than employees into its new spaceship headquarters.

It's joining tech giants like Cisco by offering in-house healthcare outsourced to a company called "AC Wellness," which already has job postings on its new website. Think of it as a super convenient perk that could be used a recruiting tool.

"You have to have access for your employees to care, in order for your to recruit staff and retain staff," said John Jackson, executive director of Corporate Health Programs at Stanford.

But what about the rest of us?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 69 million Americans miss work every year because of health problems.

Jackson said if in-house healthcare takes off, future costs "might" come down.

"And so that information can translate into a different experience across the healthcare system," he said.

AC Wellness describes itself as an independent company. Its website, with job listings, said it will launch this year.

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