Apple Sets Records; Investors Not Impressed

Apple made a ton of money over the last three months, sold a record number of products, but investors wanted even more. As the company's cash pile grows even larger, the Apple stock price is dipping.

As I write this, Apple shares (AAPL) are dropping by about 30 dollars a share.

Apple says nearly 48 million iPhones were sold over the last quarter - that's a record.

Twenty three million iPads we sold, also a new high. But only 4.1 million Macs sold, and that's a drop. Not good news for Apple which, although moving to mobile devices, counted on the Mac to anchor the Apple ecosystem.

We spoke to an Apple shopper and investor outside the Los Gatos Apple store a couple of minutes ago. Her take?  "I'm not happy with the stock right now, but I'm patient, and I'll be buying more Apple products in the future."

Good news if you're in the executive suite in Cupertino right now. And, despite strong sales, you're probably happy to hear something good.

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