Apple Tablet Not Set in Stone Yet

Reports say Apple will unveil new iPods instead of the long rumored mini computer

Techies dreaming of an Apple Tablet will have to put their fantasies on hold.

The Cupertino, Calif. company will reportedly unveil an iPod Nano and an iPod Touch with point-and-shoot cameras and a new social networking friendly version of iTunes at a Sept. 9 event, according to The Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Internet blogs and message boards have been speculating that Apple might introduce a small touch screen computer to compete with netbooks as early as next month.

Instead DigiTimes reports that OmniVision has signed a deal with Apple to provide 3.2-megapixel CMOS sensors for point and shoot cameras to be installed in iPods.

There are also reports that Apple might unveil a partnership with the Beatles to sell the rock legends music on iTunes and possibly even a "Yellow Submarine" iPod. But there is still no confirmation if any of the apps in leaked iPhone commercial below will be unveiled.


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